Learn Photography

I can help unlock your potential

It’s been ten years since my husband bought me my first dSLR (and many many more years using my film SLR and cheap point and shoot cameras). I’m now excited to share with you guys much of what I’ve learned along the way and help you grow as a photographer.

All types of photography classes and mentoring are available. Are you just starting out and want to learn how to use your cameras different functions, or are you looking for more one-on-one instruction? I can help you understand your camera and create the images you dream about. Capturing stunning, authentic images with your DSLR takes more than the push of a button.

Classes and mentoring are available in-person in Fairbanks, Alaska or online through Skype or Facetime.


In this 2.5 hour class, you’ll walk through every feature, setting, and real-life strategy that no camera-owner should be without. After this class, expect to be comfortable with the following concepts:

  • Fundamental DSLR elements
  • Exposure, aperture & shutter speed
  • Depth of field & background blur
  • Essential lenses & focal length
  • Basic lighting techniques
  • Composition strategies to create impact

These classes are scheduled for specific weekend dates and will be posted here in advance. They can also be scheduled on-demand if there are at least 3 students on a weekend or 2 students during the weekday (hint: ask your friends!). If this is what you’re looking for please message me! If I have enough interest I will schedule a class.

1-on-1 INDIVIDUAL MENTORING – $150 (2 hours)

If you have already taken my 101 class or already know the basics of your camera and are looking to learn more, this is for you. This is also a better option if you don’t have a flexible schedule for a group class or know you just learn better with 1-on-1 instruction. I will first set up a phone call with you to find out what you are familiar with, and what you want to improve on and develop a custom lesson plan for you based on your goals.

Topics can include:

  • Understanding and using light
  • Advanced camera functions 
  • Using flash and studio lighting
  • How to ensure your pictures are sharp
  • Specifics scenarios such as photographing in the snow, creative ideas for photographing your kids, how to improve your landscape photography, capturing the Northern Lights, etc.

ALL ABOUT EDITING – $150 (2 hours)

So now that you’re using your camera more, what do you do with your photos? I can teach both lightroom and photoshop.

Topics can include

  • Loading and organizing your pictures
  • Developing your raw files using Lightroom or Camera Raw within Photoshop
  • Enhancing and fixing colors in an image
  • Basic retouching
  • Creative tools within both programs (adding light flares, overlays, etc)

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