So you booked your session. Now what? 

Via e-mail, we will discuss location selection, wardrobe selection and answer any questions you have.

I am excited to capture you and your loved ones. Custom photography is unique because it not only captures what you look like at a certain point in time, it captures who you are. I aim to capture honest photos of your family and children. The goal is not to get a stiff and posed shot with everyone looking at the camera but to capture the true essence of your family. Studio sessions will be more posed, while outdoor sessions will be more playful. It’s meant to be fun! I take a  documentary approach to photography and use my understanding of my equipment and natural light to create images that will become works of art that you can hang in your home and pass down for generations. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your session with me. 



What To Wear

Wardrobe should be comfortable and reflect who you are. I do not recommend matching but rather coordinating. See my ​PINTEREST ​board for some ideas, and read this post if you need more help. If you’re interested, I can send you to a style guide site where you input your family’s information, and it will provide specific outfit ideas with links to purchase those outfits.


I have found morning sessions, beginning around 7 – 7:30 am, best for family portraits in Bogota. The light (when it’s not raining) is nice and the streets are much more empty than they would be later in the day. However, afternoon light is also beautiful, so if you’re interested in a location that is typically not very busy, afternoon sessions can also be nice. 

Length Of Session

My family sessions usually last an hour, but if your family is relaxed, having a good time, and willing, I’ll continue shooting for as long as you’re okay with it! I want to provide you with a diverse gallery for your session.

Your Children

​Remember that children are not usually fond of being told to pose or smile. It is best to give the children time to relax and try to capture their natural self. Don’t worry if your child is running about and active; most of the images you see of young children on my site were captured while the child or toddler was busy playing and exploring. To get the family shots, I usually direct the adults to simply “be” with the child or hold the child, and we go from there.

To get the most out of your session, make sure that your little one has rested and has had adequate snacks and water. We can take breaks for snacks and play; however, I will probably still shoot during the breaks. Bring dry, non-messy snacks, so their little faces stay clean during the session. Prepare the child for the session by letting them know that a friend will be taking some photos of them; it’s best not to surprise them.

Please arrive on time or be ready to start on time:​ Remember, your session is scheduled according to light. It is important that we start on time. 

I can’t wait to capture your family! Do not hesitate to ask me any questions you have. See you soon!