About Me



 These ‘about me’ sections are not the easiest to write, but here it goes.

Outside of photography, I am a wife and a mom of one baby son (who just turned 18 months old! Not a baby anymore, yikes!) We also have a dog who used to be my favorite photography subject, but she now comes second. Shhh, don’t tell her. I’m from Connecticut, but I haven’t lived there since I was 18 (it’s been awhile!) My husband is active military, so we move….a lot. He is also a great photography assistant, when around. 

I originally was interested in landscape and travel photography, and always had a camera since I was around 12. I listened to my mom when she said photography wasn’t a career, but when I took a semester of photography classes in Monterey, California at the local college I changed my mind. We lived overseas for four years, and I was able to travel and photograph many amazing places. 

As I started doing photo sessions for friends, I realized I also loved taking family portraits! I love the challenge of capturing people’s personalities into a still picture. I’m a naturally shy person, and I enjoy the connection that the camera brings me with other people. I was that kid that made faces every time my parents took a picture of me (and I still do, I’m horrible on the other side of the camera!), so I understand having camera-shy kids. 

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