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Some of my Favorite Products

I want you to enjoy your portraits.

Not just when you immediately view them and a few weeks afterward, but years later, and even generations later. My absolute joy (I really mean that even though it sounds corny) is to provide you with gorgeous artwork that you want to show off to your friends and family, and artwork that your kids will appreciate and love having when they grow up.

Unlike digital images, prints and other artwork, when cared for, can last a loooong long time.  Remember looking through your parents or even grandparents wedding album? Albums aren’t just for weddings – they can be created for any occasion if your budget allows. Do you have prints from even when your grandparents were kids? I grew up in a family that documented a lot with a camera and kept tons of pictures in shoeboxes (tip: that’s not the best way to keep your printed photos so that they last, so many of them stuck together.) The ones I’ve enjoyed the most, especially of my grandparents, are the ones that were a little bit nicer than the others – the professional ones.

Every family has different needs, and I would love to work with you to figure out the best way for you to enjoy your photos. I have researched by buying a ton of samples and have selected an amazing lineup of professional labs that provide some of the best quality products I’ve found. Here are some of them.


Heirloom Box with Matted Art Prints

These beautiful boxes that hold between 10-30 archival matted art prints in an heirloom (aka pretty and durable) 8″ x 10″ or 11″x 14″ box. These prints can be placed on an easel, in a frame, or displayed in the box itself.  You can choose from two options; a beautiful walnut box with a soft-touch material on the interior or a leatherette with a window opening in the color of your choice that can act as a frame itself. I love this because it offers flexibility – you can use your favorite frames for a few years, maybe swap out the photos every now and then. When you want to change your decor, just buy new frames! A classy and elegant addition to your art display. The box itself is a great decor item. 

Heirloom box offered by Kimberly Kendall Portraits

Heirloom wooden box offered by Kimberly Kendall Photography


Signature Albums

Made from premium quality materials with the finest paper and hand constructed by skilled artisans, the signature album offers many choices for cover materials such as beautiful linens and genuine leathers (that sounds all fancy and all, and it really is!). Made with archival photographic paper and can be passed on to your kids, and grandkids and more. Albums are soooo beautiful. They are perfect for showing your story, and displaying some of the fun memorable moments from your session that might not be appropriate for your wall 🙂 

Albums offered by Kimberly Kendall Photography


Wall Art

Wall art includes professional framed prints or canvas. During your consultation, I will discuss which of these options would be best for you based on your style and preferences. You can purchase either a statement piece or a gallery that I can design for you using images from your home (not these stock photos that are beautiful but who really has a home like that? )

Beautiful framed print of a family taken on Murphy Dome in Fairbanks Alaska Wall gallery sample, a product offered by Kimberly Kendall in Fairbanks, Alaska

Nursery design with newborn portraits taken by Kimberly Kendall


Mounted Fine Art Prints

These prints are one of the most simple products I offer, but also the most surprisingly impressive. Archival prints are professionally mounted (print attached to a backing board) to help preserve and protect the print, with a beautiful linen texture applied. These prints include a coating that helps protect against fingerprints but are meant to be framed.

Print of a new family with their newborn baby boy


Digital Files

I do sell digital files because I still think they have a place. Sharing online and keeping them as a backup just in case something happens to your prints. I do archive all purchased client photos, but for peace of mind, I understand wanting that copy. Digital files are available in either low-res (printable up to 8×10), or high-res (printable as large as you’ll want to try!)   Images from these files can then be printed at your convenience, as many times as you want but I can’t guarantee how they will be printed through other labs, unlike ordering prints through me. Sometime’s colors and brightness can be way off.  They can be shared with friends and family around the world.  High-res files include a small wooden box with a USB and all the images from your session in 4 x 6″ prints. 

beautiful wood box offered by Kimberly Kendall Photography

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