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What if my baby doesn’t sleep?

Why not to worry if your baby doesn’t sleep during your newborn session

Have you booked a newborn session or are thinking about booking a newborn session, and love the look of sleeping newborns? So do I. Newborns are so easy to pose while they sleep, and I can easily change colors/backdrops/ and gently pose their little hands, fingers, and legs.

Most babies don’t sleep their entire session. That’s why sessions sometimes can take so long! Once they wake, they move their arms and their legs and might cry for Mom.

However, some of my favorite images are of awake babies. There’s nothing like that eye contact with the camera, them looking straight into the camera, almost like they’re looking at you for the first time.  I have tricks up my sleeve to get beautiful images no matter what your baby throws at us. They are tiny human beings with their own plans. I am totally OK with that.

You might find that the awake pictures are the ones you love the most.

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