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Where to Buy Clothes for your Portrait Sessions

Now that you have an idea what style of clothing you’d like to wear for your photo session, where do you find what you’re looking for?


Where to buy clothes in Fairbanks? As everyone who lives here knows, shopping is extremely limited. Locally, the only large chain stores good for stylish clothes are Old Navy, American Eagle, and Torrid (plus sizes). Oh, if you have curves and are larger then a size 10, try out Torrid. Even when I was a size ten I never stepped foot into a plus-size store because I thought they only carried sizes larger than 16. I was wrong, they design clothes for anyone with curves. I would have had a much easier time finding clothes I liked years ago had I known this)

Fairbanks is FULL of small businesses, and fortunately, that does include some small clothing boutiques where you (at least, Mom) can find some gems. I’ve been to a few that I like (and I love supporting local!) Personally, I would start at one or more of these to find what you’re looking for. The staff at all three were really nice and helpful. Even if you don’t find an outfit here, they all have some cute accessories. Also, they’re not too far apart so you can check them out at once!

    • Northern Sparrow Boutique – A smaller selection here then the others, but with some really good options and various sizes, reasonable pricing.
    • Fireweed Boutique – They did a remodel in the fall and I haven’t been back since, but worth checking out!
    • In my Element – The largest selection I found, and they are constantly updating their apparel.  
    • The vintage Junky – I haven’t stopped by here yet but I plan to. They sell used clothing and a lot of it looks really cute!


If you prefer to shop online, options are endless, even to Alaska. Some stores have better shipping policies to Alaska then others. Before purchasing clothes online, I would look for their return policy and make sure it isn’t astronomical to ship your items back. I’ve almost bought a few things before noticing their return shipping rates were insanely high. 

Here are some recommendations. Most of these I’ve shopped at, but not all.

  • Next ( – I found this store when living in Germany, and was excited to find out they ship to the USA. I only buy clothes for my son here because unfortunately, returns aren’t free. Their kids’ clothing is adorable. They often have sales.
  • Zara ( – Zara is another clothing store I found when living in Germany, and they have stylish clothing for the whole family. Free returns!
  • Pinkblush  ( – I had a client purchase a gorgeous dress from here (in the top picture), and found out I LOVE their choices! Their clothes aren’t just maternity. Beautiful clothes for Mom and kids and returns are free within 15 days.
  • Janie & Jack ( – One of the most expensive children’s clothing stores, but worth it especially if your style is more formal. Their return shipping is also free.
  • J.Crew ( – Always a good choice. $7.50 returns.
  • Boden ) – I’ve never shopped here but I’ve often seen it recommended. A UK based company that ships worldwide and seems to have a good selection of not just women and kids clothes, but also Mens. $7 returns.
  • Hanna Anderson ( – Cute and fun clothes for kids, with a guarantee for their clothing. A lot of their clothing is bright and not necessarily great for family pictures, but sometimes there are great finds and good accessories. 
  • Gap( I love buying clothes for my son at Gap because they are cute, and there are often great sales.

These are additional options that I haven’t read about their shipping policies, but worth checking out based on recommendations.

  • Alice + Ames
  • Little Baberham
  • Spell Designs
  • Joyfolie
  • Lacey Lane 
  • Rylee + Cru
  • James Vincent Co.
  • Magnolia Jaymes
  • Jak + Pepper
  • Brickyard Buffalo
  • Nest and Nurture

Good luck shopping! Remember, if you’re my client don’t be afraid to ask for help!


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