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What if my baby doesn’t sleep?

Why not to worry if your baby doesn’t sleep during your newborn session Have you booked a newborn session or are thinking about booking a newborn session, and love the look of sleeping newborns? So do I. Newborns are…

Family Portraits Session Tips

Family portraits – clothing guide

What to wear? You’re either thinking about booking a portrait session for your family, or you just booked a family photo session. What’s preventing you, and what’s next?  We all know having a family photo session can be stressful,…

Family Portraits

Newborn Session Video

Want to see a cute baby? I’m not going to write too much here, I simply want to share a video from my last newborn session. He was so adorable (and even smiled once! Yes, I know it was…

Family Portraits

Heirloom Albums

I love creating art. Something tangible, something I can put my hand on. A client recently ordered an album for their newborn shoot, and it was gorgeous! I want to share it with you so you can get an…